The pooklip

The pooklip

You're out with your dog for a walk and naturally they need to do their business...
As a responsible dog owner you pick it up, but now you're carrying it for the duration of your walk and they may go more than once.
Problem is now you're carrying your dogs business you don't have a free hand to make a phone call, enjoy a coffee, play ball etc
Well we have solved the can now walk hands free with the pooklip 
A simple and convenient way to carry your dogs used poop bags 
Hook it on your lead, your bag, your belt or any other place that suits you 

No more searching for a bin

No more carrying bags around by hand

Its so simple tie a knot in your used bag,  pop the top through the hole and slide down the slot and carry hands free 
Dispose of as usual when you reach home 

Will hold several bags

Every pooklip is supplied with a standard carabiner clip in your chosen colour